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Poster: Brian G. Mc Enery Date: Oct 4, 2010 2:15am
Forum: spiritualityandreligion Subject: Mathematics

Hi there,

I have begun to record some materials which may be of interest. It in a sense an exploration of knowledge, the knowledge of language, language of knowledge. I draw from my own experience of three great traditions. The tradition of Ireland, where I am from, the tradition of India, where I have never been but which I have interacted with for some twenty years, and the systematic exploration of knowledge as defined in a modern scientific sense. I have been posting in the archive for a number of years, at various stages of activity.

My most recent explorations may be listened to at one of my current blogs,, which may be of interest to he community.

Thank you,



Poster: 1vimalakirti1 Date: Dec 11, 2015 6:08pm
Forum: spiritualityandreligion Subject: Re: Mathematics

hi, are you still there, blogging i mean?

i was trying to get information on britt math. g spencer-brown, or links about his book "laws of form". It seems he has been nuked from the net.